DC sources for battery simulation


DC sources for battery simulation Type VB-RHPS

Replication of high-capacity batteries and fuel cells by way of a regulated thyristor-controlled voltage source. This consists of an input transformer (galvanic separation), a mains filter, a 2-quadrant converter and downstream RLC smoothing cascade, completely assembled and wired ready-for-connection.


Technical data:

  • Total output of up to 1000 kVA
  • Peak output of up to 1200 kVA
  • Output voltages of up to 800 VDC
  • Remaining ripple U approx. 0.8%
  • Control accuracy U approx. ± 0.5%
  • Short circuit-proof
  • Isolated floating output
  • Integrated isolation monitoring
  • Programmable internal resistance
  • Sense line for compensating voltage drop up to the test specimen
  • Transition from source to sink without switching
  • Programmable via Profibus, CAN and TCP IP and/or analog signal
  • Mobile solution as an option