Test systems for the automotive industry

Systems in automobile technology are becoming more and more complicated and demand special and more intelligent production and testing technologies, so that forward-pointing product quality enables steps towards a decisive market lead.

DC sources for battery simulation


DC sources for battery simulation Type VB-RHPS up to 1200kVA

Test center for synchronous motors

Prüfzentrum für Lenkhilfemotoren

Fully automatic test center for permanent magnet synchronous motors with 5 test stations

Hybrid drives – series testing

Vogelsang & Benning präsentiert innovative Test- und Prüfkonzepte für Hybridantriebe auf dem Car-Symposium.

Series testsystem for hybrid drives with speed up to 25,000 1/min for motor and generator tests

Drivetrain test system for car transmissions


Test bay for dynamic examinations of drivetrain units for manual and automatic car transmissions and

Test system for 4WD clutches


Test bay for tribological tests of car 4WD clutches Tribological tests of friction discs under

EoL-testing of electronic accelerator pedals


Fully-automatic test stand for the final inspection and testing of electronic motor vehicle drive pedal modules

Life cycle test stand for rack lift modules

elektrischer Scheibenheber

Racklift carrier and frame for installation into climatic chamber The load is performed by a

Series testing of speed sensors

Drehzahlsensor Detail

Programming and final measurements station for active electronic speed sensors

Hybrid drives – development

Hybridantrieb - Entwicklung

Development test bench for hybrid drives and PWRs

Final inspection of belt tightener motors


Test stand for motor-driven belt tightener systems

Test system for steering booster motors

Vogelsang & Benning bietet Serienprüfstände für elektrische Lenkhilfemotoren.

Lean – line assembly and testing of electric power steering drives